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The Writing Round-Up {4.21.18}

Welcome to The Writing Round-Up for April 21, 2018. Thank you so much for stopping by! We've gathered some fantastic tips for teaching writing and for growing as a writer yourself this week. Let's get started!

For Teachers of Writers

Encouraging Persistence:

How do we help our students develop grit and persistence when it comes to writing? Kate Sjostrom shares three tips in her post, "Encouraging Persistence in Writing" from Writers Who Care. I especially agree with tip #2!

What Challenges You?

Please help us plan future offerings and content by answering this one question survey: What is your biggest challenge in teaching writing?

Celebrate Your Student Authors!:

This week, we launched Cartonera Classrooms, a supported celebration of student-authors in which students publish a book (a cartonera) and share it with an authentic (real) audience. Schools who sign up to be a Cartonera Classroom get monthly support from us, access to a private Facebook page, free templates, and access to the database of other Cartonera Classrooms so they can connect with other student-writers. If you'd like to learn about bringing The Cartonera Project and Cartonera Classrooms to your school, you can read more here.

Video Games as Writing Inspiration:

An estimated 91% of students under the age of 18 play video games. It just makes sense that we capture students' love of video games by teaching them how to apply this passion to their writing. Check out "Teaching Writing Through Video Games" by Sarah Jones, guest writer for the Moving Writers website.

For Teachers Who Write

What's So Funny?

Do you remember watching Seinfeld? (Live or reruns, depending on your age I suppose.) He kept his audience laughing with his keen observations of every day life. Kind of like what writers do, right? Check out "7 Things We Can Learn From Jerry Seinfeld About Writing" from Justin Cox and The Writer's Cooperative.

Have You Read This?

This past week, I have been devouring Shonda Rhimes's book, Year of Yes. This book came out in 2015 and I don't know what took me so long to read it! Aside from being quite inspirational, I love learning about Rhimes's writing process and how she manages writing for three (or more??) TV shows at a time. Her writing style is full of voice and humor. I highly recommend it!

Write For Us:

The #TeachWrite Chat Blog is seeking guest writers for our May theme, Noticings. We have lots of ideas to get you writing. You can sign up here to get more information.


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