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The Writing Round-Up {3.24.18}

Welcome to the March 24, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing a writing habit yourself. We appreciate you stopping by to learn with us!

For Teachers of Writers

Understanding Writing from the Inside-Out:

What can we, as teachers, do to unlock the writer in all of our students? It begins with trying a little writing ourselves, as Ashley Lamb-Sinclair explains in "3 Ways to Unlock the Writer Within Every Student" in this EdWeek post.

Spending Time in the Writing Greenbelt:

So much writing goodness happens when teachers can step back and the control of writing back to the writer -- the students. In this thank you note to Ralph Fletcher and his amazing book, Joy Write, Christina Nosek shares what happened when she introduced her students to greenbelt writing and how it transformed her writing classroom and her young writers too! (If you haven't read Fletcher's Joy Write yet, we HIGHLY recommend it!)

Mini-Lessons for the Secondary Classroom:

If you are a secondary teacher, you may enjoy these "5 Favorite Mini-Lessons For the Secondary Classroom" from Amanda Werner and Everything from using mentor texts to generating ideas is covered.

Are You Conferring or Just Helping?:

What's the difference between conferring with a student writer and simply 'helping' them? Are they the same? Read "Moving From Helping to Conferring" by Dana Clark and NCTE and find out.

For Teachers Who Write

Your Writing Matters!:

If you are in need of a little writing pep talk, The Writing Cooperative has one for you. Read, "Dear Aspiring Writer: We NEED You" by Ayodeji Awosika. I love, love, love every word!

Podcasts for Writers:

If you are a podcast listener, you'll enjoy this list of the Six Best Podcasts for Professional Writers. (Don't let the word 'professional' scare you!) I am a huge fan of the Anne Kroker podcast mentioned in this post.

Let's Chat!:

April is Poetry Month and we invite you to our April Chat, Pondering Poetry, on Monday, April 2, 2018 at 7:30 pm ET. Come share ideas of how poetry inspires your writing life and pick up a few tips for writing poetry. Even if you aren't a poet (yet!), there are some good things to learn. Please join us! (You can sign up for a Remind text here.)


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