Here's a Book for That: Writing Advice for Student Writers

There are a plethora of books about writing that are written for the adult writer. Books that will help improve their craft, provide inspiration, and point the way toward reaching writing goals.

But did you know that there are books that will do the same thing for younger writers? Here are a few of our favorite books about writing that are written for students of all ages:

Pretty Much Anything by Ralph Fletcher:

In my opinion, no one relates to the young-at-heart writer as well as Ralph Fletcher. Any of the above books is sure to speak to any student writer, but Fletcher has a special knack for reaching the hard-to-reach boy writer. Fletcher uses storytelling and plenty of examples in all of his books on writing and writes in a way that encourages the reader to believe that with a little effort, the writing will flow!

My Weird Writing Tips by Dan Gutman (2013):

The hilarious characters of Dan Gutman's My Weird School series are back to offer writing tips for young writers. Gutman delivers these tips in the same fashion as he tells his stories: quick, quirky, and fun! Tips include how to find your story, paying attention to grammar, and character development, among others. Gutman draws his readers in by sharing some of his "top secret" writing tips too! Fans of Gutman's writing will surely learn from this writing mentor. (This book also makes a fun read aloud during writing class.)