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The Writing Round-Up {3.17.18}

Welcome to the March 17, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, our gathering of tips for teaching writing and growing as a writer yourself. We are very lucky to have you with us today!

For Teachers of Writers

Switching Places:

Conferring with your student-writers is a time to learn as much about them as it is about creating good writing. Author-educator Brian Kissel explains this beautifully in his poem, "Those Who Know Do Not Speak."

Steps to Successful Synthesis Writing:

Synthesis writing is a hot topic right now, as every secondary writing teacher knows. Teacher-writer Amy Casey has been studying the most effective ways to teach synthesis writing and has come up with some steps all teachers can take to help their students synthesize with success in her post, "Scaffolding Synthesis: Smaller Steps Toward Rigorous Writing."

Using Writing to Show What You Know:

Writing is an excellent way for students to clarify their thinking, discover points of confusion, ponder questions, and form conclusions. The post, "Extended Writing-to-Learn Strategies" from the AdLit website shares three different ways your students can use writing to show what they know.

Growing Writers:

How do we help our students develop the habits and dispositions of writers in the same way that we have helped them develop these things as readers? Clare Landrigan has an idea and shares it on her Teachers for Teachers blog.

For Teachers Who Write

Writing Advice from a Pro:

What does one of the most successful, most prolific writers have to say about creating a writing habit? Check out "David Sedaris Breaks Down His Writing Process" to find out.

Increase Your Writing Effectiveness:

These eight simple tips from Grammar Check will make your writing more enjoyable and productive. Tip #3 is one I really need to work on. How about you?

How Do You Feel About Poetry?:

The #TeachWrite Chat Blog is looking for educator-writers to guest post for us in April. Our theme is PONDERING POETRY. You can share an original poem, your thoughts about poetry, how poetry enhances your writing life or more. Details and sign up information can be found here.


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