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Here's a Book for That: Our Favorite Books for Teacher-Writers

Some people collect stamps, coins, or Star Wars figures. I collect books.

Many of my favorite books are those about my favorite topic -- WRITING! I am always on the lookout for titles that will inspire me or teach me something new.

There are plenty of books on the topic of writing, the old standbys being Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, and On Writing by Stephen King. If you haven't read these books, stop reading right now and go get them.

But there are other books that may be lesser known, but are definitely worth a read if you are a teacher-writer. Here are a few of my favorites:

If You Need Inspiration or Writing Ideas:

The Hero is YOU by Kendra Levin (2016):

Levin uses the parable of the Hero's journey to help you "identify your gifts and vulnerabilities and begin the work." She will show you how to be the hero of your own writing world and encourage you to seek out change and challenge yourself to live the writing life.

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna (2015):