The Writing Round-Up {2.24.18}

Welcome to the February 24, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing your own writing habit. We are glad you are here!

For Teachers of Writers

Focus on Content, Not Form:

Where do you stand on the use of the five paragraph essay? Some say the five paragraph essay puts too much emphasis on the form of writing and does not encourage deep thought. "The Five Paragraph Fetish" from the Aeon website explains more.

Why Writers Write:

We teach students the PIE mnemonic (persuade, inform, entertain) in reading to determine author's purpose, but we can go much deeper. Visiting a text through the lens of a writer, students can determine the reasons writers write, in turn making their own writing more engaging. Check out "Studying Reasons Why Writers Write: Purpose Studies in the Writing Classroom" for more.

Do Your Writers Want a Challenge?:

March brings the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life challenge for teachers, but did you know that your students can also participate? This post, in which middle school teacher Michelle Haseltine explains how her students participate, explains more.

For Teachers Who Write

Writing Together:

Writing groups are a fantastic support for writers. Learn more about them and how they can help you advance your writing goals in "How a Writing Group Advances Your Game" from The Writing Cooperative. If you haven't joined already, we invite you to check out The Teach Write Tribe on Facebook.