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The Writing Round-Up {2.17.18}

Welcome to the February 17, 2018 edition of the Writing Round-Up, a resource of ideas for teachers of writers and teachers who write. We are glad you're here!

For Teachers of Writers

The Safety of Our Notebooks:

As we continue to grapple with the craziness of the world around us, writing can help us--and our students--process our thinking. We hope you will read "On Days Like These, Write. Just Write" by Tricia Ebarvia and Moving Writers. It is a beautiful reminder of the power of writing.

The Wonder of Technology:

Pernille Ripp explains the ability technology has in the classroom to not only connect us with others, but to provide an authentic audience for our student writers in her post, "The True Power of Technology."

Mentor Texts for Informational Writing:

Cathy Mere's #nf10for10 gathering of picture books to inspire informational writers does not disappoint! Check out her list of some great texts and find others who have done the same.

...And for Narrative Writing:

Can you tell that I am a huge fan of mentor texts? Here's a list of mentor texts to support narrative writing from NCTE too.

For Teachers Who Write

Up For a Challenge?:

The Two Writing Teachers will kick off their annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge on March 1. Can you blog for 30 days straight? While it is a bit of a challenge, the benefits are HUGE. You can find more information here.

More Blogging Opportunities:

The #TeachWrite Twitter Chat Blog is looking for teacher-writers (or anyone involved in education) to write a guest post for us in March. Our theme is "Community." If you are interested in giving it a shot, add your information here and we will be in touch.


Thank you for reading! See you back here next week.

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