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The Writing Round-Up {2.10.18}

Welcome to the February 10, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a resource of some of our favorite tips from the past week for teaching writing and being a teacher who writes. We appreciate you stopping by! If you'd like to have The Writing Round-Up and our other posts delivered straight to your inbox, please sign up here.

Let's get started...

For Teachers of Writers

Ask This Question:

Did you catch our post, What is Good Writing?, this week? This is an important question to ask if we want to raise the level of writing in our classrooms and schools. Begin the discussion and watch writing soar!

Feedback Do's and Dont's:

Giving students feedback on their writing is one of the most challenging things teachers face in the writing classroom. The post, "How Do We Give Meaningful Feedback to Student Writers?" from Writers Who Care shares some good tips of things you should -- and shouldn't -- do.

Awakening Dormant Writers:

I had the pleasure of seeing the amazing Patty McGee present at the Wisconsin State Reading Association conference this week. Patty is so smart when it comes to connecting with student-writers! Check out "3 Moves to Awaken Dormant Writers" that she wrote for Corwin Connect for ideas on how you can grow your student-writer connections too. (You will also want to take a look at Patty's book, Feedback That Moves Writers Forward!)

Growing Future Authors:

As teachers, we have an amazing opportunity to shape the future of writing. Who knows if the next JK Rowling or Jeff Kinney is sitting in our class right now! This post, "My Kid Wants to Be a Writer: 6 Tips for Encouraging Young Authors" from the Kettle Fire website will help us nurture those dreams.

For Teachers Who Write

Unexpected Writing Advice:

Writing advice surrounds us in the most unexpected places. If you are a fan of the movie Groundhog Day (and even if you're not) you will appreciate "5 Lessons From Groundhog Day" from Writers in the Storm.

Visual Prompts to Get You Writing:

Take a peek at these photos and see what kind of writing they inspire you to do. Thank you to Janalyn Voigt for sharing these on her blog, Live, Write, Breathe.

Join the #TeachWrite Tribe!:

If you are looking to be a part of a community of teacher-writers, we encourage you to join the #TeachWrite Tribe on Facebook!


Thank you for reading! We hope to see you back here next week.

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