The Writing Round-Up {2.10.18}

Welcome to the February 10, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a resource of some of our favorite tips from the past week for teaching writing and being a teacher who writes. We appreciate you stopping by! If you'd like to have The Writing Round-Up and our other posts delivered straight to your inbox, please sign up here.

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For Teachers of Writers

Ask This Question:

Did you catch our post, What is Good Writing?, this week? This is an important question to ask if we want to raise the level of writing in our classrooms and schools. Begin the discussion and watch writing soar!

Feedback Do's and Dont's:

Giving students feedback on their writing is one of the most challenging things teachers face in the writing classroom. The post, "How Do We Give Meaningful Feedback to Student Writers?" from Writers Who Care shares some good tips of things you should -- and shouldn't -- do.