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The Writing Round-Up {2.03.18}

Welcome to the February 3, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing your own writing life. Thank you for stopping by!

For Teachers of Writers

Mentor Texts For Argument Writing:

This week, NCTE shared a list of books and speeches that are perfect mentor texts for teaching argument writing. There is something on this list for everyone and every grade.

Writing Prompts for Argument Writing:

Now that you've got your mentor texts, here are 401 Prompts for Argument Writing from the NY Times. Surely, there is something here for everyone.

Writing Essentials:

Heinemann shares 11 essential skills we should be teaching our students in this post on Medium. #5 and #11 are my favorites.

MLA Citations Made Easy:

If you require your students to use MLA citations or you use them yourself, you will love this infographic from EasyBib that simplifies the citation format.

For Teachers Who Write

Writing Advice for Beginners:

NY Times bestselling author Jerry Jenkins has gathered some very interesting writing advice from some of the best in the industry. Check out "Writing Tips 41 Experts Wish They Had Known as Beginners." There is a ton of inspiration and a lot of industry connections to be found here.

You Need a Break:

How often do you take time just to focus on your writing? Have you considered a writing retreat? Author Janalyn Voigt shares the reasons why we must take time to recharge our writing souls in her post, 'Writing Retreat (Why You Need One)". Be sure to check out the other amazing resources for writers on Janalyn's site too.

Creative Writing Templates:

Evernote has created 12 templates to help you plan and develop your creative writing project. If you are looking to add some structure to your planning process, these will help.

Let's Chat!

It's time for our monthly Twitter chat! Join us on Monday, February 5th at 7:30 pm ET for this month's topic: Sustaining Your Writing Life. If you can't make the chat in person, we encourage you to schedule your tweets using a platform such as TweetDeck. If you'd like a text reminder for all of our chats, you can sign up here. See you Monday night!


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