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The Writing Round-Up {1.06.17}

Happy new year! Welcome to the first Writing Round-Up of 2018. We are glad you are here!

We are excited to dive back into sharing our favorite finds for teaching writing and for being a teacher who writes. Let's get started!

For Teachers of Writers

Sound Familiar?

When asked "What is the biggest mistake teachers make in writing instruction and what can they do instead?" teacher-author Larry Ferlazzo went to four industry leaders for answers. Read his Education Week article and hear their answers.

This I Believe:

The "This I Believe" essay would be an interesting and fun project for older students to document their beliefs at this moment in their lives -- and then go and look back on it a few years from now. It could also be used as a content area writing piece to demonstrate what students have learned about a topic. Check it out!

Writing in the Content Areas:

The teaching of writing is not supposed to be something that remains solely within the confines of the ELA classroom. Students need to become well-rounded writers. This means that it is everyone's job to teach writing. But how do you get started? Jennifer Gonzales of Cult of Pedagogy shares "7 Ways to Support Student Writing in Any Content Area" to help.

For Teachers Who Write

Writing During t