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The Writing Round-Up {12.17.17}

Welcome to the December 17, 2017 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of some of our favorite finds to help us teach writers and grow our own writing habits.

We've got a fun issue this week (and a surprise for next week!) so let's get started...

For Teachers of Writers:

Drawing in the Writing Classroom:

Facing the blank page is daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Sarah Donovan shares how she uses drawing to help spark writing ideas and get past the blank page problem in her post, "Draw Your Stories: Visual Thinking Strategies in Writing."

No, You're Not Done:

What do you do when a student brings you their writing, tells you "I'm done," and you see there is only one paragraph written on the page? Allison Marchetti from Moving Writers shares three tips you can use to help students add more depth to their writing and avoid the "I'm done" syndrome.

Tips for All Writers:

Picture book author Josh Funk has posted an amazing resource on his website for all of us to enjoy. "Josh Funk's Guide to Writing Picture Books (In 12 Easy Steps)" will amaze you -- and your students -- with his inside peek into writing.

Writing for Life:

Teacher/blogger Jay Armstrong has organized a fun write-a-thon for his school that brings choice and voice to student writing. Watch this six minute video and be inspired to show your students the power that writing can bring them.