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What Do YOU Believe About Writing?

Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Ramdion

In case you haven't heard, the #TeachWrite Twitter chat has started a blog dedicated to providing a space for our chat community to share their thoughts about teaching writing and being teacher-writers.

Currently, we are featuring the Writing Manifestos of many of our community members -- and we need YOU and your Manifesto too!

What do you believe about being a writer?

What do you believe about being a writing teacher?

What do you believe about being a teacher who writes?

What helps you write?

What inspires you?

What frustrates you?

What excites you?

What soothes you?

How do you overcome the voice that tells you you are not a writer?

How do you bring yourself to the page?

How do you encourage your students to do the same?

The beautiful thing about sharing our Writing Manifestos in this public place is that we are creating a gallery of thoughts about what it means to be a writer. No one Manifesto is more important or more correct than the others. Each is as unique as the writer who penned it.

Perhaps you will see yourself and your writing story in one Manifesto more than the others. Perhaps you are not sure of what you believe, yet you will find your truth woven into the lines of your fellow teacher-writers. Maybe, just maybe, you will find comfort and joy in finally realizing that yes, you ARE a writer!

So, what do you say? Will you share your Writing Manifesto with the #TeachWrite chat community? Writers of ALL levels and abilities are welcome. (Yes, this includes YOU!)

More information about writing for the #TeachWrite Chat blog can be found here.


Looking for help with your writing practice or your

writing instruction?

Teach Write is dedicated to helping teachers and their students grow as writers. We offer virtual and in-person coaching and professional development services to help you grow your writing habit and/or become a stronger teacher of writers.

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