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The Writing Round-Up {12.10.17}

Welcome to the December 10, 2017 edition of The Writing Round-Up. We are glad you joined us this week. Be sure to sign up here to receive The Writing Round-Up in your mailbox every Sunday if you don't already.

We've gathered some great resources to help you teach writing and grow your own writing habit.

Let's get started...

For Teachers of Writers

Easy Writing Inspiration:

Sometimes the smallest things can inspire the greatest results. If you or your students sometimes struggle with finding something to write about, you will want to check out my post about building a daily writing habit using my #DWHabit Word of the Day.

Parents as Partners:

Are you looking for a way to help parents support their children as writers? You will love "Parents as Writing Partners" from Mary Ehrenworth and Educational Leadership. It is both informative and entertaining!

Rethinking Assessment:

Assessing writing is hard. Do we assign a grade or not? Does the final product bear the most weight or should consideration be given to the process the writer goes through to reach their destination? "Grading Practices That Grow Writers" from Arina Bokas and NCTE tackles these difficult questions and offers some sound suggestions.

For Teachers Who Write

A Pep Talk for Writers:

Do you sometimes struggle with writing because you are afraid you're doing it wrong? If so, then you will enjoy "Cheer Up! There's Only One Wrong Way to Write" from The Writing Cooperative.

What TV Can Teach Us About Writing:

Inspiration and writing tips are everywhere, even on our favorite TV shows. Check out "5 Ways Television Can Help Us Be Better Storytellers" from Writer Unboxed to see what I mean.

Write for the #TeachWrite Twitter Chat Blog!:

Your voice is needed! The #TeachWrite Twitter chat blog is brand new and is committed to building a space that is fed by its readers and chat participants. We'd like the blog to become a welcoming community where all teacher-writers have a space, regardless of ability. With that in mind, we are looking for guest bloggers to fill our daily schedule. This is YOU! Click here for more information.

Holiday Gifts for Writers:

Still need a gift for a favorite writer-friend or maybe even yourself? "Naughty or Nice: GIfts for Writers" from the GROG Blog has got you covered.


Looking for help with your writing practice or your

writing instruction?

Teach Write is dedicated to helping teachers and their students grow as writers. We offer virtual and in-person coaching and professional development services to help you grow your writing habit and/or become a stronger teacher of writers.

Contact us today for more information!

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