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Build Your Daily Writing Habit with #DWHabit

It is true that the more we write, the better our writing gets.

This is as true for us adults as it is for our student writers.

But facing the blank page can be daunting. What to write? What to say? Where, oh where, has the inspiration gone?

In the past, I have found that using a word prompt can get those creative juices flowing and get me writing. I would flip open the dictionary, select a random word, then start writing. It was quite interesting to see what I could come up with when the pressure was off to discover the perfect topic on my own.

If you are interested in trying this tactic, consider the #DWHabit Word of the Day (WOTD) prompt. Every morning at 6:00 AM CT, I publish a new WOTD word on Twitter using the #DWHabit hashtag. You can use my word or use one of your own. The most important thing is that you write.

Today's word is POSSESS. Stop for a second and think about this word. What story comes to mind? Could you write a poem? A persuasive article? Do you have a favorite possession? Jealous of someone else's possession? Hmmm...I bet you're already thinking of something that could turn into a writing piece.

Use the #DWHabit WOTD to build your daily writing habit. (Hence, #DWHabit.) See how many days in a row you can write.

If publish your writing on a blog, tweet a link to your post using the #DWHabit hashtag so others can find you (like me!). Writing in a notebook? Snap a picture and share it via social media using #DWHabit. Let's build a community of #DWHabit writers!

Using #DWHabit in the Classroom

The #DWHabit Word of the Day is also a great addition to your writing workshop to help those students who struggle with finding a topic.

Some teachers write the #DWHabit WOTD in the corner of their whiteboard for students to use if necessary. Others will take time to discuss the word and let students brainstorm together before going off to write.

Literacy teacher Dawn Sheriff (@DawnSheriff2) uses #DWHabit with both 1st graders and 5th graders and loves the results:

Both the 5th graders and as well as the first graders have embraced WOTD as a choice for during Journal time. The simplicity of the WOTD allows writer to follow their own ideas and interests - it honors whatever story a child may hold that day. It also allows for exploration....The WOTD is inspiration. I can offer it as a choice and say - “go for it - there is not right or wrong here - it’s whatever you think, feel, see - just put it on paper and see what happens”

Give #DWHabit Word of the Day a try in your classroom and let us know how it goes.


Looking for help with your writing or your writing instruction?

Teach Write is dedicated to helping teachers and their students grow as writers. We offer virtual and in-person coaching and professional development services to help you grow your writing habit and/or become a stronger teacher of writers.

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