The Writing Round-Up {12.03.17}

Welcome to the December 3, 2017 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of some of our favorite tips for teachers of writers and teachers who write. Thank you for stopping by this week.

Let's dive in!

For Teachers of Writers

Teaching Students to TAG:

If you are looking for a way to help your students to support each others as writers, consider teaching them how to TAG. More information can be found here.

Showing the Way:

When we set out on a road trip, we will often get step-by-step directions. This makes the journey easier and makes sure we get to where we want to go. The is true for teaching writing too. When we ask students to complete a particular task, are we showing them the steps they need to take to find success? Literacy Specialist Michelle Brezek explores this question and shows us why this makes teaching writing -- and writing -- so much easier in her post, "Actionable Steps."

Mentoring Young Writers:

Do you have a student writer in whom you see a TON of potential and want to help them get to the next level? Author Jarret Lerner is looking for a student writer that he can work one-on-one with to help them do just that. More information and the application are available on his website.

Blogging with ELL Students:

When students blog, their engagement and learning soar. When they are a student learning English, their ability to communicate and learn language skills does too! Read "Blogging for English Language Learners" from Rasul Alrubail and Edutopia for more information.

Making Good Use of Mentor Texts:

Noticing the writing moves authors make in mentor texts is an excellent way to solidify your teaching of some writing concepts. To help ensure that students apply these mentor moves to their own writing, Rebecca O'Dell from Moving Writers has come up with a plan -- and it's a good one! Check it out here.

For Teachers Who Write

Writing Motivation:

Writer's DIgest is perhaps one of the best resources for writers out there. In this post, they have gathered thoughts on writing from five different writers, who are also great writing teachers. It is an interesting read!

Giving Creativity a Boost:

There is nothing like a deadline to bring on the stress. But working under time constraints also can make our creativity wake up and take notice, as this post from Writer UnBoxed explains. Even if you don't write with a deadline, you will still find the ideas about creativity interesting.

Let's Chat about Our Writing Lives:

It's time again for our monthly #TeachWrite Twitter chat on Monday, December 4th at 7:30 pm ET. This month's topic is Sharing Our Writing Lives. The questions are below and we hope to see you in the chat!


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