The Writing Round-Up {11.26.17}

Welcome to this week's edition of The Writing Round-Up! If you are a teacher of writers (of any age) or are looking to grow your own writing habit, you've come to the right place.

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Now, on to this week's finds...

For Teachers of Writers

Embrace Your Vulnerability:

We've been sharing a lot about the importance of teachers of writers also being writers themselves because we believe that a teacher who writes is the foundation of a strong writing classroom. On that note, we'd like to share "Embrace Your Vulnerability: Write In Front of Your Students" by Shaelynn Farnsworth for yet another take on the important role teachers play as writers.

Notebooks Galore!:

Looking for some new and fun ways to use writer's notebooks in your classroom? Take a look at the Sharing Our Notebooks website from author/poet/awesome person Amy Ludwig Vanderwater. Her collection of teacher-curated notebook ideas is impressive!

This I Believe:

You may be familiar with the This I Believe series from years past. These next few weeks before the holiday break are the perfect time to bring the personal values essay into your classroom. Visit the This I Believe website for resources and tips for helping your students craft thoughtful essays that showcase their personal values and beliefs in a respectful, thoughtful way.

Going Deep with Dialogue:

Teaching students how to include dialogue in their writing is so important, yet so tricky. Often, we begin by teaching students how to properly punctuate dialogue, but author Lynne Dorfman suggests that there is more to it than that. We must go deeper and show students the WHY along with the HOW. Her blog post, "