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Becoming a Teacher Who Writes: Getting Started

We believe that teachers who write make the best teachers of writing.

Last week, we shared the reasons behind why we feel this way and all the benefits of being a teacher-writer. This week, we share a few ways for you to start your writing habit and grow as a teacher-writer.

So, what are teacher-writers writing these days?

Reflection Journals: Spend a few minutes at the end of every school day writing about your day. What happened? What surprised you? What irritated you? What warmed your heart? What memory do you want to hold on to forever? This is a great activity for students too. (We called them Learning Journals in my classroom and my students wrote one new thing they learned every day. This became a great reflection and growth tool to look back on throughout the year.)

Blogs: Blogging is the best way to practice your professional writing AND connect with other teachers from around the world. Furthermore, blogs create an artifact that you may be able to use for teacher effectiveness documentation or professional development plans. There are two different kinds of blogs teachers write: those that reflect on their practice (lesson plans, unit ideas, etc.) and those that reflect on classroom and teaching life. (You can always mix the two if you'd like.) If you choose to blog, we highly recommend connecting with the Slice of Life community on Two Writing Teachers every Tuesday by writing and sharing a slice of life.

Personal Journaling: Make a goal to spend seven minutes every day writing about what's on your mind. Seven minutes. In doing so, you are creating a memoir of your life.

Word of the Day: Search #DWHabit (Daily Writing Habit) on Twitter and you will find a new word every day to spark your writing ideas.

Professional Articles: Lots of educational websites are looking for guest writers to share their expertise. Here are a few to check out: Voices From the Middle, Edutopia, and WeAreTeachers.

Getting started as a teacher-writer doesn't have to be a major deal. Just grab a notebook and favorite pen (I recommend Ink Joy Gel pens for their beautiful colors and smooth feel) or open up a new document on your laptop and get started.

It doesn't matter what you write, it just matters that you write.

Then you are a teacher-writer.


Looking for more help with writing or with teaching writers?

Teach Write offers coaching and professional development services to help you grow your writing habit and/or become a stronger teacher of writers.

Services are available for both the individual teacher and entire schools, either in-person or virtually.

Contact us today for more information!

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