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The Writing Round-Up (11.19.17)

Welcome to another week of the Writing Round-Up, our gathering of tips for teaching writing and being a teacher who writes.

We spent a few days this past week at the NCTE Annual Convention in St. Louis and were lucky to connect with other educators and thought leaders who are passionate about writing and literacy. We highly recommend this amazing learning experience!

Now, on to this week's Round-Up...

For Teachers of Writers

Storytelling Tips from Pixar:

Looking for something fun to do this short week before the Thanksgiving holiday? Take a look at this free six part storytelling course from Pixar and Khan Academy called "The Art of Storytelling." It looks amazing!

Recording Their Stories:

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a wonderful opportunity for students to sit and talk with their families and learn some of their own family stories. By using the downloadable app from StoryCorp, these stories can be shared to "The Great Listen 2017" archive for all to enjoy. The Story Corp website has lesson plans and resources available as well.

Helping Students See Themselves as Thinkers Through Writing:

If you are a content area teacher, you will want to check out "Want Students to See Themselves as Thinkers? Get Them Writing" by Gary G. Abud, Jr. and the Teacher-Leader Voices website. Abud details how he uses writing to engage students in his content area classes and how writing benefits his students far beyond assignment completion.

Becoming a Better Writing Teacher:

We are firm believers that teachers who write make the best teachers of writing. Need more convincing? My post "Why YOU Should Be a Teacher Who Writes" shares the 'why' behind this and next week we will share the 'how.'

For Teachers Who Write

Growing Stornger:

Looking to improve your writing craft? You'll enjoy these six tips for improving your writing from Harvard's Steven Pinker. Entertaining and insightful!

Rejection Happens:

If being a published author is a dream of yours, you must read this post about award winning author, Kate DiCamillo, and the perseverance she showed throughout her journey to become a published author. Rejection happens -- even to the best writers!

Finding Your Writing Voice:

To help students find their writing voice, it is helpful to find our own. This short video from author Colleen Cruz and Heinemann will explain.


Looking for more help?

Teach Write offers coaching and professional development services to help you grow your writing habit and/or become a stronger teacher of writers.

Packages are available for both the individual teacher and entire schools, either in-person or virtually.

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Thank you for reading & have a wonderful week!

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