The Writing Round-Up {10.08.17}

Welcome to the October 8, 2017 edition of the Writing Round-Up, a collection of ideas for teaching writing and being a teacher who writes.

We've found lots of great things to share this week so let's get started.

For Teachers of Writers

Writing Digitally:

We teach students how to read digital text, but do we teach them how to write it? So much of our daily reading is digital: emails, blogs, texts, social media and more. It is no longer a question of analog (handwritten) vs digital writing and which is most important. Both are and the similarities between the two are many. Read "From Analog to Digital: Why and How to Teach Students to Write For an Online Audience" from EdSurge to learn more.

A Plea from Your Writer's Notebook:

Teaching students how to use and grow a writer's notebook receives much of our teaching energy at the beginning of the year. As we move into the next phase of the year, are we still placing as much emphasis on keeping a notebook as we did a few weeks ago? This post from Dana Clark shares simple ways to keep the notebook alive.