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The Writing Round-Up {8.13.17}

Welcome to this week's edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of some of our favorite tips for teaching writing and being a teacher-writer that we came across this week. Let's get started...

For Teachers of Writers:

#TeachWrite Twitter Chat Awesomeness!

Were you able to make it to the #TeachWrite Twitter chat this past Monday? If not, you will want to check out the Storify of the chat to catch up on all of the writing goodness that was shared. As you do, be sure to connect with some of the participants by following them on Twitter. Let's learn from each other!

Taking Risks in Writing:

The writer's notebook is by far one of the most important tool a writer uses to gather, practice, and reflect on their ideas and writing. It is also a safe place to try new things with our writing. Lanny Ball of Two Writing Teachers wrote this very timely post about encouraging risk taking in the writing classroom and how notebooks can help you do just that.

What's In a Notebook?:

Want more information about the writer's notebook and what should go in it? Shana Karnes gives us a peek into her notebook and shares some of her thinking about the things she includes. After reading this, you will be inspired to start your own notebook if you haven't already!

For Teacher-Writers:

Looking for Writing Ideas?:

Want to write more, but feel you don't have any good ideas to write about? This post, "7 Ways to Cheat Writing Inspiration" from Institute for Writers will give you some creative ways to get going. I especially like #3 and came up with quite a few story ideas from it.

Resources to Explore:

Every so often I come across a useful resource to share. Earlier this week, I found the Writers in the Storm blog. I enjoyed looking around at the amazing resources and inspiration on their archives page. I hope you find something here to inspire you too!


NEW!!! Join our Facebook group! This week, we launched our new Facebook group, TeachWrite: A Tribe for Teachers of Writers & Teachers Who Write. Our goal is to build a community for writing teachers and writing teachers where we can support each other, learn about writing and teaching writing, and have fun! We would be honored if you would join us!


Every Sunday, the Writing Round-Up shares a few of our favorite finds about teaching writing and other topics of interest to writing teachers.

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