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The Writing Round-Up {7.09.17}

Welcome back to another edition of The Writing Round-Up where we highlight ideas for teaching writing and being a teacher who writes! This month, we continue to share ways to develop you own writing life. Summer is the perfect time to strengthen your writing muscle so let's get started.

Here are the goodies for this week:

Teachers Write 2017 Begins!:

Authors Kate Messner, Gae Polisner, Jo Knowles and blogger (and soon-to-be author) Jen Vincent host this three week long virtual summer writing camp for teachers. Sign up to follow along as you can. You will find a lot of excellent writing advice and ideas that you can take back to your own writing classroom, as well as ways grow your own writing life.

The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling:

Do you keep a journal? Interested in starting a journaling practice? This article from Thrive Global shares how many of history's greatest creative minds have used the daily practice of journaling in their lives. It is an interesting & inspirational read!

Insightful Journaling Prompts:

Journaling can be just about anything you'd like. I like the variety of ideas shared in this post from the Huffington Post, especially #7.

Morning Pages:

I first read about Morning Pages in Julia Cameron's books, The Artist's Way & The Right to Write, and since then, they have revolutionized my own writing journey. This video, featuring Julia Cameron herself, can best explain what Morning Pages are and how you can reap their benefits yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get writing!

Every Sunday, the Writing Round-Up shares a few of our favorite finds about teaching writing and other topics of interest to writing teachers.

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