The Writing Round-Up {6.25.17}

Welcome to this week's Writing Round-Up, a gathering of some awesome ideas for teaching writing and growing your own writing habit. Thanks for stopping by!

These past few weeks, the Round-Up has been focused on providing tips for growing your own writing habit. I encourage you to check out those posts that you can find here. The absolute BEST way to become a better writing teacher is to write yourself. If you need some more direction, please feel free to send me an email or contact me via Twitter. I'd be happy to help get you started!

This week, I was at that the All Write Conference in Warsaw, Indiana and came away with some amazing ideas and tons of inspiration for teaching writing. I thought I'd share a few in this week's Round-Up:

All Write!!! Tweets:

I encourage you to check out the hashtag "#AllWrite17" on Twitter to catch up on some of the learning that was going on from top voices in our field.

Resource Library from Ruth Culham:

While at All Write, I had the pleasure to attend a few sessions by 6+1 Traits guru, Ruth Culham. In one of the sessions, she shared a link for her resource library where you can find a ton of resources for teaching and assessing writing.