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The Writing Round-Up {5.28.17}

Hello writing teacher friends! This week's Round-Up features some inspirational ideas to keep your writing classroom hopping in the final days or weeks of the school year. Read on...

Super Fun Interactive Online Journals: If you haven't seen Bill Zimmerman's MakeBeliefsComix site, you'll love what you find there. This page features online interactive journals students can create that are simply fun, fun, fun! In these last few days/weeks before summer, they would be a fantastic way to wind up the writing year.

Writing Sprints: If your writing classroom needs a quick boost of writing power, consider trying out Minute Papers, short bursts of focused writing. In this post from Moving Writers, Matt Griesinger explains how these focused writing sessions of only 2-4 minutes can lead to huge results of creativity and writing rejuvenation.

Character Questionnaire: I just love this character questionnaire Joanne Early Macken shared on the Teaching Authors blog this week! Share it with our students to help them really get to know their character so they create well rounded, multidimensional characters that make their writing come to life.

Harvesting Writing Ideas: Do you have any students who are struggling with finding writing topics as the year and their writing motivation winds down? Alan Wright is back with some ideas to help! His tips will keep your students thinking like writers all summer long.

Every Sunday, the Writing Round-Up shares a few of our favorite finds about teaching writing.

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