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The Writing Round-Up {5.07.17}

Hi there, writing teachers! I'm glad you stopped by this week to check out some of our favorite finds about teaching writing. Please read on...

Keep 'Em Writing: Kathleen Sokolowski of Two Writing Teachers shares some incredible ideas to keep kids writing this summer. What student wouldn't want to be a Summer Writing Ninja after all?

Writing Every Day: Clare Landrigan of Teachers for Teachers shares her thoughts on why it's important for students to write every day. She solidified her thoughts because of her daily participation in the Slice of Life Challenge in March. Do your students write daily? Then again, do you?

Why Can't College Kids Write?: This blog post from the Study Breaks website discusses some interesting theories about why college kids can't write. Written from students' perspectives, it raises some interesting ideas for you to ponder.

Publish Student Writing: Earlier this week, I shared a video about The Cartonera Project, a way one school in Lake Geneva, WI celebrates student writing and Every Student an Author. Even if your school is not ready for an all-in event like The Cartonera Project, you can still hold one in your classroom or grade level. Watch the video to see how!

That's all for this week! Wishing you a wonderful week teaching your student writers.

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