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The Writing Round-Up {4.09.17}

Hey friends!

Are you looking for some teaching ideas to finish your writing year strong? Here's a recap of of our favorite writing instruction posts from around the web from this past week.

#G2Great Chat with Colleen Cruz, author of The Unstoppable Writing Teacher: Dr. Mary Howard recaps this engaging chat with the #G2Great community and author Colleen Cruz. There were so many great takeaways from this chat and lots of inspiration for us writing teachers.

Being Present with Your Student Writers in a Writing Conference: Lanny Ball from Two Writing Teachers walks us through a writing conference and shows us why it is so important for us to be truly present with our writers and ready to give up any preconceived plans we may have.

Fun Pre-Writing Strategies for Nonfiction Writing: Melissa Stewart of Celebrate Science shares her interview with poet Leslie Bulion about the poet's unique prewriting strategies. We especially love the "juicy" details tip that can make nonfiction more interesting and engaging for the reader.

Family Recipes Spark Stories: What cherished family recipes hold your stories? These students write about family recipes and their backstory to make up a "cookbook of global cuisine with a heartfelt tough, revealing that storytelling may be the most important step in any recipe." This would be an easy lesson to bring into your classroom too! (via Mindshift)

Hope you find these ideas as inspiring as I did! Check back again next Sunday for next week's edition of the Writing Round Up.

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