#100DaysofNotebooking & BEYOND by Michelle Haseltine

I am a notebooker.

Notebooks are how I live.

Notebooks are how I communicate.

My notebook is where I figure things out.

I make lists. I write poetry. I show up to the pages every day.

Notebooking allows me the space to figure out the world around me.

I make mistakes and I’m messy and it’s all okay in the pages of my notebook.

I’ve been notebooking since the fourth grade and for most of that time, I notebooked all by myself.

This year, my niece started fourth grade and expressed an interest in notebooking.

When I visit her, we often spend time notebooking together. Then when we are apart, we will often text pictures of our notebooks back and forth to each other.

This sparked an idea: How can we get others to notebook with us?

My niece and I talked it over while notebooking together one day last Christmas and on January 1, 2020, #100DaysofNotebooking was born!

100 days. 100 notebook pages.

At first, we thought that no one else would want to commit to this challenge, but after I shared it on social media, we were proven wrong.

A Shared Space

Today, there is a community of almost four hundred notebookers in the #100DaysofNotebooking Facebook group.

This group is a space and place for notebookers to share their pages, find inspiration, tell their stories, and connect with others who share the joy of keeping a notebook.

Sharing your pages is optional, but I've noticed that as time goes on, more and more people share their pages and notebooking experiences .

This group has become a safe place for our stories. The #100DaysofNotebooking community responds with care and love and support...each and every time.

This group has exceeded my expectations.

84 Notebooks and Still Learning

I have been notebooking since the early 1980s and I learn something new each and every time I log into the Facebook group.

I see new ways to create notebook pages and I’m continually inspired.

April 9th is the hundredth day of this challenge, but the community will continue. Anyone who keeps a notebook or would like to start is invited to join us and begin their own journey.

I’ve discovered that the notebook doesn’t need to separate me from the world around me. Instead, it connects me to this large and wonderfully compassionate group of people.

Today, I will notebook.

Tomorrow I will notebook.

Will you join me?

Consider this your official invitation to the #100DaysofNotebooking family.

You can join the #100DaysofNotebooking Facebook Group or follow the #100DaysofNotebooking hashtag on Twitter.

You can also find more information at michellehaseltine.com/100daysofnotebooking.

Your Invite to Write

Ready to become a notebooker? It's not complicated and it's a lot of fun!

Here's how you do it...

Get a notebook. Find the right pen. Now sit down and write. Don’t make it fancy. Just write:

  • Think about today. What stands out?