Have any of these ever happened to you?


  • You have an idea for a writing project, but don't know where to begin so you just don't

  • You begin writing then the voice of doubt whispers in your ear and talks you out of believing in yourself and your writing

  • You begin a writing project full of energy,  only to fizzle out after a few days

  • You find your excuses not to write far outweigh the reasons you want to write

  • You doubt that you know enough about your topic, are a good enough writer, or that anyone will want to read what you write

  • You are great at starting projects, but finishing them is a whole other story. (Sometimes, literally, as you continuously chase your next great shiny idea)


If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone.

ALL writers experience doubts and fears on a regular basis.

But these fears and doubts don't have to stop us from writing -- unless we let them.

Writing mindset coaching can help!

What is Writing Mindset Coaching?


The Write Mindset Coaching practice is based on the belief that our thoughts control our feelings which lead to the actions we take (or don't take) which bring us to our results.




Overcoming what holds you back in your writing is hard to do if you keep replaying the same thoughts over and over.

Our writing practice is controlled by our thoughts.



Our beliefs about ourselves as writers drive the writing we do (or don't do) which leads to the writer we become.



If we get stuck in a writing rut and can't find our way out, it is because we need to think differently.




We need to change our writing mindset.

Writing mindset coaching helps you identify your limiting beliefs as they apply to your writing and your thoughts about yourself as a writer.


During coaching, we take these fear-driven thoughts and replace them with more intentional thoughts that positively impact you as a writer.

The result is looking more toward your writing future and less on your writing past to guide your writing present.

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