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Teach Write, LLC is an educational consulting company that specializes in helping teachers grow as writers so their students can too.

We believe that teachers who write make the best teachers of writers because when teachers write, they learn about teaching writing from the inside-out.

Teaching writing is challenging.

Teachers do not receive much formal training on how to teach writing and find curricular materials sometimes lacking. Even with an adequate curriculum, it is still difficult to teach deeply when we do know our content area from the inside-out.

The goal of Teach Write is to help give teachers the confidence and support they need to develop their own writing habits so that they can become stronger teachers of writers.

Through our online workshops, we help teachers explore their own writing process, their writing mindset, and their problem-solving strategies. We then teach teachers how to apply their own writing experiences to their writing instruction, leading to improved student achievement in writing.

Teach Write, LLC was started by me, Jennifer Laffin, in 2017.  It wasn't until I became a teacher-writer myself that I truly felt I began to understand how to teach writing. When I began Teach Write, I combined my own experience with lots of research into the theory and best practices surrounding writing and writing instruction. This formed the foundation of everything that happens here at Teach Write, LLC.

In addition to being a former classroom teacher and Teacher of the Year, I am also a Teacher Consultant with the National Writing Project.

I am a writer myself, having taken coursework through the Institute of Children's Literature and have shared my classroom teaching practices on several blogs. I am currently writing a book called "Teachers as Writers: Teaching Writing From the Inside-Out."

Articles featuring the work of Teach Write have been featured on the Corwin Connect website, the We Are Teachers website, and the Teachers Write website.

Teach Write loves to support teachers both inside and outside the classroom by delivering professional development geared toward growing a writing habit and how this can transfer over to improved writing instruction. We do this through our online courses and workshops through our Teach Write Academy and also through on-site professional development workshops at schools.

We are also known for our signature offering, the TIme to Write Workshop. Several times a week, teacher-writers from all over the world gather together to chat, connect, and write together. Teacher-writers of all skill abilities (want-to-write, new-to-writing, growing writer) and educational grade levels (PK - retired) are welcome!

Learn more about the Time to Write Workshop here.

We host a monthly #TeachWrite Slow Chat on Facebook to encourage conversations and connections between teacher-writers and teachers of writers. There are new questions and a new topic posted the first full week of every month. Chatters are encouraged to not only reply to the questions, but to each other. It's all about learning together!

Please join the conversation here!

How can Teach Write help you grow your writing habit and become a better

teacher of writers?

Contact us today and let's get started:

Teach Write, LLC

Jennifer Laffin, Owner


Twitter: @TeachWriteEDU

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Teach Write LLC Helping Teachers and Their Students Grow as Writers
Teach Write LLC Professional Development Services
Teach Write LLC Professional Development Services
Teach Write LLC Professional Development Services

"The Wheatland literacy teachers spent an amazing day with Jennifer Laffin learning about 'Teachers as Writers.'  She listened to our needs, gave our teachers practical advice and the time needed to process and reflect.  Our partnership will definitely continue as we continue our

'Flight to Excellence' at Wheatland!"

- Drew Halbesma

Wheatland Center School Administrator

Teach Write LLC Teachers as Writers
Teach Write Academy
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